Volunteers from France Visited the Network of Cultural Stations

In token of the preparations of Novi Sad for the European Capital of Culture title, members of the Novi Sad Voluntary Service presented the network of cultural stations to the volunteers from France during last week. Six volunteers from France started their tour in the Rumenka Cultural Station, and later, they visited Mlin, Svilara and Egység Cultural Stations, while they finished it in the Bukovac Cultural Station.

volonteri francuska

I found out about cultural stations by accident last year when I came to Novi Sad two years ago because of my master project and I was constantly looking for a reason to stay here. During the first visit to the Svilara Cultural Station, I did not know that so many things happened there. Now, after the visit, when I saw those performances, concerts, theatre plays, and exhibitions, I have had a feeling that it is not important how old are you – I am sure you will find something interesting. I will definitely come back again,’ said Lisa Carden, a volunteer from France.

The visit of foreign volunteers to Novi Sad is a result of cooperation between Novi Sad Voluntary Service and ‘Jules Verne’ Association, through the European Solidarity Corps Programme. This time, cultural stations are being selected as potential spaces through which foreign volunteers can contribute to the ‘Novi Sad – European Capital of Culture’ project.

The arrival of volunteers from other countries is important in terms of exchanging experience with them since they come from other environment with different culture and customs. Therefore, it is convenient to hear their viewpoint on the whole concept of cultural stations and learn new languages as well, which is not that easy, but I hope we will succeed and meet new people in the end,’ said Nemanja Marković, a member of the Novi Sad Voluntary Service.

The ‘Jules Verne’ Association has been working on the programme of long-term volunteering for almost ten years, while the possibility for including foreign volunteers in different activities together with Novi Sad volunteers, promoting NVS in their countries of origin, as well as sharing the experience they have gained in Novi Sad, has been raised within the cooperation with the Novi Sad Voluntary Service.

Photo: Uroš Dožić