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More than 12,000 People Followed Doček 7529 Online

More than 12,000 people followed Doček 7529 via the Visit Novi Sad platform on New Year’s Eve on 13 January. Audience had an opportunity to see the...


Doček 7529: 10 Hours of Diverse Music Programme on 13 January

More than ten hours of the online music, visual and performing arts programme taking place in 14 Novi Sad spaces for culture, including the first...

doček 7529

Doček 7529: Works by Famous Composers of the 20th Century in Svilara

Within online Doček 7529, the Svilara Cultural Station will open its doors to ‘Sveti Stefan Dečanski’ one of the greatest Serbian Orthodox choirs. The audience...

hor sveti stefan dečanski

Vasil Hadžimanov with Stefan Milenković at Doček 7529

Stefan Milenković and the Novi Sad chamber orchestra ‘Camerata Academica’ will host Vasil Hadžimanov, the great jazz musician, pianist and composer. The performance of these...

vasil hadžimanov

Staša Kukić: I Will Remember This Year for the Rapid Growth of Cultural Events in Novi Sad

Staša Kukić, a choreographer from Novi Sad, will present new spaces for culture in the Great Liman – Biro, Skladište and OPENS Cultural Station, as...

staša kukić

Doček 7529: Performance of Staša Kukić in the New Spaces for Culture in the Great Liman

Staša Kukić, a choreographer from Novi Sad, will present new spaces for culture in the Great Liman – Biro, Skladište and OPENS Cultural Station, as...

staša kukić

Svetlana Palada: I Wish for Us to Continue Quickly Where We Left Off

Extraordinary voice, jazz and beauty – an irresistible combination that describes the singer Svetlana Palada, whose career has been 25 years long. Fans of quality...

svetlana palada

Doček 7529: The Bukovac Cultural Station Opens Its Doors to the Sounds of Chamber Music

Doček 7529 uncovers new spaces within an inch of Novi Sad, through performances of the brilliant Novi Sad musicians, thus, an online concert of Chamber...


‘In Honour of Beethoven’ Concert at Doček 7529

Two exceptional Novi Sad artists – Agota Vitkai Kučera, an opera diva and Jelena Simonović Kovačević, a multi-award-winning pianist, will organize a stunning concert within...

betovenu u čast

The Best New Year's Message Was Chosen: Anastasija, the Winner of the Literary Competition

’Dear New Year, come. If you plan on bringing good things for the older ones, then bring a bit of childhood along, and place the...

Meet the Oldest Neighbourhood in Novi Sad Through the 'Genius Loci of the Almaš Neighbourhood' Exhibition

The ‘Genius Loci of the Almaš Neighbourhood’ exhibition presents the architectural heritage of the Almaš neighbourhood, by typologies (Almaš church, public buildings, civic architecture, rural...

genius loci almaškog kraja

The World Biennial Exhibition of Student Posters in the Open

Despite the conditions caused by the coronavirus pandemic, Svilara Cultural Station still manages to find innovative ways of bringing cultural content to its audience. The...

Izložba Svetskog bijenala studentskog plakata

‘Arches of Cultural Creativity’ Exhibition

The audience will have a chance to get acquainted with traditional folk costumes from different parts of Bosnia and Srem through the ‘Arches of Cultural...

lukovi kulturnog stvaralaštva

‘Džezva & Džezvica’ at Doček 7529: Every Concert is Different, but This One Will Be Special

As part of the already traditional, fourth Doček, the audience will have a chance to enjoy the performance of the fantastic jazz quartet called ‘Džezva...

džezva & džezvica

Lana Zorjan at Doček 7529: I miss the audience, but this way more people will have a chance to see the performance

Doček 7529 will present new spaces for culture on the Visit Novi Sad online platform on 13 January, including the first cultural station opened in...

lana zorjan

The ‘Interracotta’ Exhibition

Sculptures and installations displayed at the ‘Interracotta’ exhibition are a unique representation of the activities related to terracotta sculpture, implemented at the Academy of Arts...


The Exhibition of Copyright Comic Books and Paintings by Children and the Youth of Serbia on the Topic of ‘Her Majesty Light’

The 66th Exhibition of paintings by children and the youth of Serbia on the topic of ‘Her Majesty Light’ and 33rd Exhibition of Copyright Comic...


Stefan Milenković, Električni orgazam and Buč Kesidi at the Novi Sad Online Doček

Doček in Novi Sad, which connects two celebrations of New Year’s Eve, two calendars and two ways of measuring time, will continue its tradition, but...

stefan milenković

Raspustilište Begins – This Year all Programmes for Children Online

The 37th Raspustilište begins, and numerous programmes, in the period from 21 to 31 December, will be held online. Most of the programmes can be followed...


Programmes of the Euphonia Festival in Egység and Svilara

Within the fifth International Festival of Accordion and Chamber Music, the audience will have a chance to follow concerts that will be held in the...

Survey: Mapping the Cultural Needs of Local Communities in the Outskirts of Novi Sad

The ‘Odyssey 2021 - Phase 1’ project is focused on mapping social communities and groups from the outskirts of Novi Sad, researching the cultural needs...

Одисеја 2021

140 Years of Growing Up with Neven: Celebrating the Jubilee in CS Mlin

On the occasion of marking the 140th anniversary of the launch of ‘Neven’, the oldest magazine for children in Cyrillic in Serbia, the exhibition entitled...

Premiere of the Play "Unraveling – Live Installation"

The ‘Unraveling – Live Installation’ premiered in the Svilara Cultural Station on Friday, 4 December, while the rerun is scheduled for 18 December. The whole...

rašivanje - živa instalacija

Music Festival

Music Festival, which was held in the Mlin Cultural Station on 19 November, gathered numerous participants who promoted different music genres. Members of the...

festival muzike music festival

The ‘Plafon 100/2/2’ Exhibition Opened

The ‘Plafon 100/2/2’ Exhibition was opened in the Svilara Cultural Station on Thursday, 19 November. Predrag Uzelac and Goran Augustinov, authors, presented works that belong...

izložba plafon 100/2/2 exhibition

Programme of the Rumenka Cultural Station Starts Again on 22 November

Due to the deteriorating of the epidemiological situation regarding the COVID-19 virus, the rehearsals of the music and dance studio and Russian language classes will...

kulturna stanica rumenka

Marica Kicušić: I Have Always Had a Child's Curiosity in Me

Marica Kicušić is one of the most successful young illustrators in our country. She takes us back to childhood with her drawings, leading through the...

marica kicušić

The ‘Plafon 100/2/2’ Exhibition Deals with the Observation of Love Through Time

The ‘Plafon 100/2/2’ exhibition presents transgenerational differences when expressing and experiencing emotions through, at first glance, incompatible materials of metal panels and transparent digital photographs....

izložba plafon 100/2/2 exhibition

The ‘Erotica in Art’ Exhibition Opened

The ‘Erotica in Art’ exhibition was opened in the Egység Cultural Station on Monday, 16 November, and it will last until Friday, 20 November. The...

Erotica in Art

Garage Boys: The ‘Bunker Fest’ Ended

During the weekend, the Egység Cultural Station audience had an opportunity to enjoy the 16th edition of ‘Bunker Fest’ titled ‘Garage Boys’. The festival is...

momci iz garaže garage boys

The Culture Up Project – Decentralisation of Culture on the European Level

Raising capacities of cultural institutions outside the city centre and in rural areas is the main goal of the Culture Up project that gathers nine...

culture up

Novi Sad Cellists Paid Tribute to Ennio Morricone

The Svilara Cultural Station was the place of a performance by the ‘CelloNS’ cellist ensemble from Novi Sad, which on that occasion paid tribute to...


Inclusive Jazz Workshops

The inclusive jazz workshop was held in the Svilara Cultural Station on Monday, 9 November. The workshop comprises an introduction to the functions of instruments...

džez radionica inkluzivnog karaktera Inclusive Jazz Workshops

The ‘Blind Paintings’ - Exhibition by Nikoleta Mihnjak

Nikoleta Mihnjak’s life is a story about success. She can’t walk, she has been blind for more than two years, but she paints and teaches...

ćorave slike nikoleta mihnjak

Andrej Balaž Solo Concert

Andrej Balaž, a second-year violin student in the class of Professor Florijan Balaž, held a concert in the Egység Cultural Station last weekend. The young...

andrej balaž

Great International Call for Contemporary Circus Art Talents

The BETA Circus European project has announced a large international call through which twelve circus artists from all over Europe will be selected to implement...

beta cirkus

Vladimir Lalić: We Turn to Culture when It’s Hardest

He is a renowned Serbian artist, who is difficult to classify in only one type of art. Furthermore, his works have found their place in...

vladimir lalić you see through me

Emina Elor: My Heart Is My Home, There Are People That I Love

Where, really, is our home? Is it defined by people, family, or the imposed life circumstances? Why are our dearest ones leaving? Are they moving...

emina elor


All programmes and activities, including regular rehearsals of music and dance studio and Russian language classes in the Rumenka Cultural Station will be suspended until...

World Famous Serbian Painter in Svilara, Beethoven in Egység – Novi Sad Cultural Stations Seeing October Out

Works by the first Serbian artist who won the prestigious painting award of the French Academy, the particular reflection on 250 years since the birth...

Ljiljana Lišković: After More Than Two Centuries Beethoven Is Among Us, Here And Now

‘After more than two centuries Beethoven is among us, here and now. One of the biggest musical geniuses of our civilisation is at the same...

ljiljana lišković

Heritage Walks: Meet Svilara through ’Silk Memories’ on 25 and 29 October

What did Svilara look like in the past? How did it change over time? Who worked in Svilara? The ’Silk Memories’ project gives an opportunity...

svilena sećanja Silk Memories

Heritage Walks: Meet Svilara through ’Silk Memories’ on 25 and 29 October

What did Svilara look like in the past? How did it change over time? Who worked in Svilara? The ’Silk Memories’ project gives an opportunity...

Dragana Kojičić: This Specific Year Brought People Back To Nature

Returning to nature and natural materials, tradition, earth architecture and promotion of architectural heritage of Novi Sad and Vojvodina, are the ideas of the ‘In...

u zemlji dudova dragana kojičić

More than 200 Participants Underwent the ‘Possibilities for Financing Through the EU Funds’ Professional Trainings

Professional trainings entitled ‘Possibilities for financing through the EU funds’ intended for non-institutional organisations in the filed of culture, independent artists and cultural workers, organised...

Vukašin Živaljević: It’s difficult to watch a theatre play on a TV or an oil painting on your phone, it’s simply not the same

The ’SoundCracks’ multimedia exhibition which connects Novi Sad and Vienna will be open in the Svilara Cultural Station from Tuesday, 20 October, at 7 p.m....


What a 20.000-year-old Instrument Looks and Sounds Like

The concert that combines prehistoric music and modern, electronic sound called ‘From the First Europe to 2021’ will be held in the Svilara Cultural Station...

od prve evrope do 2021 From the First Europe to 2021

Gaga/dancers Class in the Egység Cultural Station

Gaga is the movement language developed by Ohad Naharin throughout many years, working as a choreographer and the artistic director of Batsheva Dance Company. Gaga...

gaga/plesači gaga/dancers

Dragana Kuzmanović: Novi Sad has always been special with its artistic and visionary expression

Promoting Serbian national music, multinationalism, diversity of musical expression and preservation of cultural heritage of Novi Sad all describe the popular ensemble Serboplov, which was...


Survey: What is the Position of Artists in Society?

What is the position of artists in society today? Can artists make a living from their art today? How do artists describe the local artistic...

položaj umetnika u društvu

Making-of 'Dead Capital', the First Documentary by Ivana Janošev

Implementation of the ‘Dead Capital’ project by Ivana Janošev, which includes a screening of a short documentary film and a workshop dedicated to the creation...

mrtvi kapital, ivana janošev

Choir Singers in Serbia Get an Online Platform for Improving Choral Creativity

There is no place in Serbia where choir singers can find tutorials, i.e. educational guidelines and tools for learning choral compositions. The ’Digital Choir Treasury’...

hor sveti stefan dečanski

Works by Josip Slavenski For the First Time on the Territory of Novi Sad

‘Josip Slavenski became popular with his compositions on the European scene, not lagging behind the leading composers of the epoch, without losing the identity of...

josip slavenski

Works by Josip Slavenski for the First Time on the Territory of Novi Sad

‘Josip Slavenski became popular with his compositions on the European scene, not lagging behind the leading composers of the epoch, without losing the identity of...

Works by Josip Slavenski For the First Time on the Territory of Novi Sad

‘Josip Slavenski became popular with his compositions on the European scene, not lagging behind the leading composers of the epoch, without losing the identity of...

Ljiljana Maletin Vojvodić: In the artistic world there’s an obvious obsession with being young – old people are not important

Why would creativity be connected to age? How does art, which is supposed to stand against clichés and mechanisms helping people perceive themselves as inferior,...

Ljiljana Maletin Vojvodić

Saxophone Through Romanticism, Impressionism and Contemporary Art

The ‘Saxophone Through Music Epochs’ concert, whose main idea is to present an atypical instrument in the form of a typical recital and bring it...

srđan paunović

Gabriela Sigeti: Ceramic Art Is Not for the Afraid

The ‘Contemporary Painting on Ceramics’ project that connects the skills of old craft and contemporary artistic expression, will be implemented in the Egység Cultural Station,...

savremena slika u keramici gabriela sigeti

The ‘Iskon’ Band Marks Two Decades of Existence

The promotion and preservation of the musical heritage of the people who live in this area is the main wish of the ‘Iskon’ band, which...


Interactive Music Workshops for Children Enhance Development of Musical Skills

Interactive music workshops for children were envisaged as music sessions during which kids aged 3-11 will familiarize themselves with special musical instruments and will be...

Interactive Music Workshops for Children

Implementation of the ‘Hold My Hand’ project – Connecting the City and its Surroundings

‘Hold My Hand’ (Drži me za ruku) project, which symbolizes decentralisation of culture and connecting the city and its surroundings, comprises the sculpture in front...

drži me za ruku

Contemporary Circus is an Excellent Tool for Socialisation of an Individual

From earliest times, circus presented joy and magical escape from reality. Acrobats, clowns, and jugglers made tents a world with different place to live, and...

savremeni cirkus Contemporary Circus

Maja Grgić: Through 'Three Tickets for the Opera' We Educate Children to Understand Music

Three plays, inspired by the work of Peter Lund, Hilary the Witch Goes to the Opera, along with the workshops for children aged 5 to...

Maja Grgić

Ljubica Tankosić: Through the Project 'Recycled Sculpture', Children Learn to Take Care of the Environment

It is important for children, from a very early age, to learn about the world that surrounds them and their environment. They develop good habits...

reciklirana skulptura recycled sculpture

‘Raspustilište’ Manifestation in the Mlin Cultural Station Ended

The summer programme of this year’s ‘Raspustilište’ manifestation was held in the period from 24 to 28 August in Mlin Cultural Station (Novi Sad Children’s...



Novi Sad holds the prestigious title of the European Capital of Culture and is one of the first cities outside the European Union to have won the title.

Cultural Stations

Cultural Stations are new spaces for culture in Novi Sad. Initiated with the idea to involve the citizens in the creation of cultural contents and revive all parts of the city, cultural stations are new cultural bridges.

Cultural Content Factory.

Symbol of industrial heritage of Novi Sad continues with production, but this time producing creative and cultural content.

Place for Cultural Stories.

Former place of the first sports association in the region is now the meeting place – the place for dancing, literature, workshops and education.

Culture on

Mobile cultural station revives the neighbourhoods of Novi Sad. It brings various artistic and cultural content to the suburbs and parts of the city that are further away from the city centre.

Cultural Oasis Within City Reach.

Blend of the cultural heritage of the former Cultural Centre and contemporary processes in culture, ecology and sports represent the identity of this new cultural station.

Where Culture Grows.

The new cultural station belongs to the former working area, at the place of the former pasta factory, with the programmes designed for children.

Tradition and Modern Creation.

In the authentic Vojvodina suburb next to Novi Sad, there is the Rumenka Cultural Station which continues and improves the work done so far in the Rumenka Cultural Centre.

The Centre of Youth Creativity.

New place for culture which emerged from the legacy of industrial development of Novi Sad at the place of old factories and industrial zone of the city, the former Great Liman.


Creative district
21000 Novi Sad

Barka. (Soon)
Culture on the Outskirts of the City.

Located on the outskirts of the city, near Slana Bara, Vidovdansko naselje and Klisa, the Bukovac Cultural Station is the new place for culture in Novi Sad, and is becoming the new centre of events in the city.