The ‘Unstable Flows’ Performance by Laurent Bigot in Svilara on Thursday

Glass and plastic bottles, metal cans, pipes, faucets for the aquariums and microphones – these are the main actors of the ‘Unstable Flows’ performance by Laurent Bigot, which will be available to the audience in the Svilara Cultural Station on Thursday, 25 November at 8 p.m.

This extraordinary performance is a poetic and sound expression of animated materials, abandoned objects that lost their purpose. Laurent Bigot will perform on his instrument – electro-acoustic installation, through which objects are moved by the airflow, producing sound. Sounds, friction and vibrations created by the movement of objects, sounded by microphones and amplified by an amplifier. Although abandoned, these objects, like animals returned to the wild, indulge in their ritual sounds and gestures. They play and live their world as a bizarre echo of our world, but with humour in their reincarnation.  New possibilities for the existence of revived objects are revealed without narration, air produces movement and its sound inertia. During the performance, the sound architecture to which dance is no stranger is gradually revealed. Laurent Bigot makes music with the special team, having in mind that they are smart and unpredictable music partners.

The performance is implemented within the programme of the permanent anti festival of contemporary music ‘2K+’, with the support of the ‘Teatroskop’ programme launched by the French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs, the French Ministry of Culture and the French Institute in Paris. Serbian partners are the Ring Ring Festival Belgrade and the ‘Miloš Crnjanski’ Cultural Centre of Vojvodina.

The entrance is free of charge. Organisers kindly ask all visitors to adhere to all measures in order to maintain health and enjoy cultural events. Visitors are obliged to wear masks during all events. The maximum number of visitors indoors is limited to 50. In case of changing pandemic measures, the organiser reserves the right to change the programme and format of the event.