World Tourist Magazine: Novi Sad as One of the Top-Rated Tourist Destinations for 2022

Renowned international travel and lifestyle magazine Condé Nast Traveller has included Serbia and its cities, Novi Sad and Belgrade, on the list of the best travel destinations in 2022.

Serbia has found itself among 22 countries in the world, accompanied by Canada, Norway, Japan, Spain, Great Britain, Turkey, Mexico and others, with an emphasis on Belgrade and Novi Sad especially because of the European Capital of Culture title that Serbian Athens welcomes in 2022 and due to new cultural spaces, such as a network of cultural stations.

‘In the meantime, the second largest city in Serbia, Novi Sad, was declared one of the three European Capitals of Culture for 2022, and thus became one of the first cities outside the EU having the same honour. Novi Sad, a progressive centre for music, art and literature located along the Danube, has reconstructed and opened several new spaces – the former pasta factory, the factory for silk dyeing and the château from the 1980s were turned into the galleries of contemporary art and spaces for performances that will house events and exhibitions throughout the year’, as stated in the text.

The magazine cites Serbia and its capital as a great culinary destination due to the influence of different cultures and cuisines in the Balkans – Turkish, Greek and Central European.

The ground for the list of the best destinations for 2022, as the magazine states, is the fact that the pandemic has changed priorities and ways of thinking about travel, which is why many factors are now included when it comes to planning, including thinking about our impact on the local community in the country we live in.

This is why one of the criteria for creating the list are places where you will have a great time outdoors, then the opportunity to explore history and heritage, great food and drink, as well as favourite reasons why we decide to travel.

You can find the text on the following link.

This is not the first time that the world media mention Novi Sad as an unavoidable tourist destination. Therefore, the BBC, Euronews, and Lonely Planet wrote about the future European Capital of Culture.

Photo: V. Veličković