Limenka Theatre Fest: Combining Social Responsibility and Theatre

Limenka Theatre Fest was held within the Kaleidoscope of Culture, in cultural stations Liman, Mlin, Rumenka and Egység. The programme of the theatre was intended for children, youth and their parents.

Audience enjoyed the stand-up comedy Veče sa njom by Mariana Aranđelović, plays for children Pippi Longstocking and Kako su drvo i cvet spasili svet by the ‘Čarapa’ children’s theatre, as well as the dance play Aladdin by the ‘Una saga Serbika’ theatre.

Entrance to each play was one ALU COIN, a socially responsible currency you could get by bringing five empty tins.

Limenka Theatre Fest originated from the ‘Limenkica – ulaznica’ event. This unique event has been educating children and young people about environmental protection and recycling in combination with the theatre for 12 years now. So far, over 70.000 children and parents participated in this event, with over half a million tins collected.


Photo: Uroš Dožić